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If we survive the Apocalypse… MUCHA, GOLDSCHMITT, and FRIEND

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Three amazing artists with bizarrely apocalyptic visions. An infinite number of possibilities.

Coming January 12, 2013. Just in case the Mayans were wrong.

Alphonse Mucha

Alphonse Mucha

Bruno Goldschmitt

Bruno Goldschmitt

Richard Friend

Richard Friend


January 12, 2013: After the Apocaplypse

January 12, 2013: After the Apocaplypse


Holiday Sale announced! December 12-24, 2012!

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Come see the new gallery!  December 12-24, 2012
6150 Washington Boulevard in Culver City

Noon-10pm daily- to make holiday shopping easy!

Century Guild Holiday Sale

Century Guild Holiday Sale

Jeremy Bastian and His Cursed Pirate Girl Return!

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As you know, Century Guild has relocated its gallery from Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles, California, and we are very pleased to announce that our new location will open with a very special book signing with none other than our good friend, Jeremy A. Bastian.  We will be holding a Grand Opening for the new gallery on December 1st, 2012 from 6-9pm.  Jeremy will be there in person to sign books, including advanced copies of his graphic novel, Cursed Pirate Girl, which is being published by Archaia Entertainment.  We will also be displaying exclusive artwork from Cursed Pirate Girl for the first time.

Cursed Pirate Girl: The Collected Edition, Volume 1 (Archaia Publishing, published Dec. 2012)

The ongoing story of Cursed Pirate Girl tells the whimsical tale of a young girl as she sets sail for adventure in search of her missing father, who is one of the legendary Pirate Captains of the mythical Omerta Seas.  On her voyages, both above and below the surface of the ocean, she encounters a series of bizarre, charming, and grotesque characters that leap forth from the page with such vitality and imagination that they rival the fantastical creations of Lewis Carroll, Winsor McCay, and Terry Gilliam.

Jeremy A. Bastian, attending San Diego Comic-Con 2012, stops by the Century Guild booth to meet fans and sign autographs of his work.

At a time when just about everyone seems to be familiar with comic book characters and their worlds, primarily due to the high-end film adaptations of superhero comic books, it has become increasingly rare for comics fans to stumble across anything original.  As Hellboy creator Mike Mignola has said, “It’s all too rare that I see work that is truly original – and I almost never see work THIS original – Jeremy Bastian is a genius.”
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And Then There Were Three: Century Guild Moves To Los Angeles

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“I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)”? “Your Own Special Way”?  Both were nominal hits for Genesis in 1974 and 1976, respectively, and if you recognize either of them, you’re clearly a Prog Rock fan or have spent quality time in my basement with my record collection.  But 1977 was the year when everything changed for Genesis…  And Then There Were Three was a pivotal re-mapping of territory which took the best of their art and tempered it with a commercial agenda, and also marked the most successful lineup of the band- the trio that carried Genesis forward would remain the solid lineup for more than two decades.  I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Peter Gabriel fan, to be certain, but I can say for certain I never would have discovered the genius of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway if Mssrs Rutherford/Banks/Collins hadn’t opened the doors for me with Abacab and a decade of radio hits in the 1980s.

In 1976, “Follow You, Follow Me” was the first hit on ...And Then There Were Three…  and the beginning of their most celebrated era.

Why the Genesis reference?  Because every ending is a beginning.

Century Guild in Chicago has closed its doors.

Century Guild Chicago

Century Guild – Chicago

For thirteen years, we’ve been thrilled to call Chicago home.  From our years as a staple at Chris Kennedy’s fantastic Merchandise Mart International Antiques Fairs to the opulent Winnekta Modernism and other North Shore events, we’ve been lucky to work with some of the top collectors in Chicago in the fields of Art Nouveau, Arts+Crafts, and early Modernism.

We were ahead of our time as dealers in artworks of the Vienna Secession, and while our early displays of Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele works on paper were met with many a confused look, over the years we steered many of the abovementioned collectors out of more traditional collecting paths and into Secessionist work.  Thanks to the faith and trust- and good taste- of those collectors, the last few years saw our collective risks rewarded, and our reputation in Chicago was cemented as ahead-of-the-curve curators in the world of Art Collecting.

Our Midwest presence also allowed us to see works which we earmarked in our inventory as top examples enter the extraordinary permanent collections of The Art Institute of Chicago and The Detroit Institute of Art.

Thomas Negovan giving a Detroit Institute of Arts tour on Gustav Klimt and The Vienna Secession:

Thomas Negovan and Stuart Tomc in Chicago, 2009

Thomas Negovan and Stuart Tomc in Chicago, 2009

All that said, we have come over time to realize that with very few exceptions the art that we were most passionate about, most excited about handling, was being shipped to California.  Cabaret artworks, Silent Film posters, rare theater and romantic, occult-themed artworks from the 19th century… these are the things that get our blood racing!

So, as of the day following the Gail Potocki exhibition in Chicago, Melissa, Chandra, and I have moved to Los Angeles to oversee the opening of the new Los Angeles Century Guild gallery.  Our friend Jerry Suqi is managing a pop-up location in Chicago through the end of the year nextdoor to the historic Logan Theater on Milwaukee, and expect to see Stuart and Jack pop up from time to time at both locations as events allow.

Chandra Darling, Thomas Negovan, Melissa Chapel - New York 2011 - Staff of Century Guild - Los Angeles

Chandra Darling, Thomas Negovan, Melissa Chapel – New York 2011 – Staff of Century Guild – Los Angeles

We will continue to curate and deal in 1880-1920 artworks, and will continue to push the envelope of what we feel is exceptional- yes, we will still have Klimt and Schiele, but much like ten years ago when we were encouraging collectors to take a risk on “this Klimt fellow” we are looking forward to devoting more attention specifically to the careers of Gail Potocki and Jeremy Bastian.  We think they’re pretty special, and are certain that you will agree.

The gallery formally opens December 1, 2012 with a book signing by none other than Mister Jeremy Bastian.  Artworks from his book Cursed Pirate Girl will be on display, and in a rare opportunity will be available for sale for one weekend only.

Jeremy Bastian's Cursed Pirate Girl

Jeremy Bastian’s Cursed Pirate Girl

I can’t tell you how excited we are… the space is grand, the ceilings are high, the location is prime.  We’re right in the center hub of the Culver City Arts District, and have amazing exhibitions planned.

We always appreciated when people would travel from out-of-town to attend one of our Chicago exhibitions, and we can say without hesitation that our Los Angeles shows will take it even farther.  Watch our calendar, book your tickets, and we will see you on the West Coast!





Artist will be present to sign special Advance Hardcovers with Limited Edition bookplate.