Just in time for HÄXAN… Michael Hussar and “The Devil & His Consort”

A brief glimpse at some of our latest acquisitions for THIS SATURDAY’S exhibition, “Grand Guignol II: HÄXAN – Satan + The Women who love Him”.

The first, from painter Michael Hussar:

"American Teet" by Michael Hussar

"American Teet" by Michael Hussar

This piece, as well his painting “Apple of Eden”, join a roster of fiendishly gorgeous artworks adorning our walls.  If you aren’t able to see these in person, worry not: in addition to the exhibition book slated for release after the show, the show will be available to view online!

We also welcome the black-hearted bon vivant, the most dapper Lord of Darkness himself… with the loveliest of corseted companions! “The Devil & His Consort” are a pair of antique, carved wooden sculptures from 1883.

"The Devil & His Consort", 1883

"The Devil & His Consort", 1883

It is impossible to top this quote commenting on the statues from an arts periodical. After commenting favorably on the furniture and decorative works in the Esposizione di Belle Arti in Rome, the correspondent was taken aback by one artist’s works- and two pieces- in particular:

(From The Architect, March 17, 1883)

“Amongst the furniture of F. Toso in the next gallery there are a number of figures, life size, carved in coloured woods in a realistic manner for hall decoration, than which it would be more difficult to conceive anything more disagreeable, or to imagine where and to whom they could give the slightest pleasure. One of these is a fiend with hoofs and horns in elaborate evening dress, holding out a plate for the reception of cards; another is a female to match, offering a ring. The vulgarity and hideousness might poison the taste and fine artistic feelings of a child for a lifetime, and shake the nerves of a sensitive person in any house in which they might be found.

You’ll have to wait until the 22nd of October to see them in all their decadent glory. To present inquiries about placing them in your art collection, email us at inquiries@centuryguild.net.

Hope to see you Saturday.


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