And Miles To Go Before We Sleep. (2: In which we are brought up to date.)

We’ve added another voice to the Cursed Pirate Girl radio play… joining Stephanie Leonidas (Cursed Pirate Girl), Robert Boulter (Narrator and Mister Spekle), Dave McKean and Grant Morrison (the Swordfish Brothers), and Randy Couture (Sharky)- in the role of the indomitable Captain Holly…  John C. Reilly!  Yay!

After a wonderful day including armor, Dungeons & Dragons, vintage guitars, and… wait for it… CLOWN PAINTINGS!  John lay down the voice for the surly villain with a delivery that exceeded my already high expectations.

Thomas Negovan with John C. Reilly, reading the part of Captain Holly.

"Yer a cruddy little stowaway!!!"

"Yer a cruddy little stowaway!!!"

After San Diego Comic Con last summer, we’ve been going SO nonstop I haven’t had even a moment to post a “real” blog update.  We had gallery construction:

Lyta may not have opposable thumbs, but has found that her snaggletooth makes an excellent demolition tool.

An amazing opening night party:

Barbara Staples, Gillian Hastings, and Lady Jack at the opening night Grand Guignol event.

Lady Jack lounges amidst some of the more macabre artworks...

Opening night at Century Guild: Grand Guignol. Because Good Taste shouldn't be a subculture.

Then a bunch of shoots for a TV show that we can’t talk about (but whose premiere commanded four million viewers…), travelling to negotiate some fabulous artifacts away from Shaolin monks and Parisian bordello owners, and preparing for our next show: LOVE AND OTHER VIOLATIONS, this coming weekend!  Celebrate love and lust with us on February 19th if you’re in Chicago.  6-9 pm, we’re feeling the Valentine’s Day spirit!  Here are some of the artworks for this weekend’s show:

Ekstase by Dave McKean

Eve by Gail Potocki

Yolanda, Los Angeles 2000 by Steve Diet Goedde

Original poster advertising Les debauches d'un confesseur, a seminal S&M novel from 1883

Danae by Gustav Klimt (period lithograph, produced by Klimt)

Please note:



Saturday, 19 February 2010 at Century Guild

6-9 pm

Finis by Gail Potocki


One Response to “And Miles To Go Before We Sleep. (2: In which we are brought up to date.)”

  1. Hi Tom, when is cursed pirate girl radio drama being released? hope your well. kevin

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