CENTURY GUILD Featured On Newest Doctor Who DVD!!!

All right, not really, but I finally watched “The End of Time” last night, and was thrilled that our booth of 19th Century and Symbolist Art showed up in the bonus features on the Complete Specials DVD!
You can clearly see the Dave McKean and Gail Potocki paintings, and Stuart for a few seconds (easily recognized as the only man to attend San Diego Comic Con every year since 1979 in a Gordon Gekko costume- he’s quite excited about Wall Street 2!) and as shown in my highly pixellated screencaps (sorry, best I could do), a couple of choice seconds of Jeremy Bastian (1st), and Jack and Sioux Sinner (2nd):
We meet the most talented people in the world at San Diego Comic Con- last year’s highlights were, for Gail Potocki, Billy Mumy (she always wanted to be a member of his family on Lost in Space!), for Sioux, Colin Baker (“He was MY Doctor!”), and- for me- John Barrowman, who might just be the most charming man I’ve ever met.  (And I’ve met a lot…)  Check out the photos where he and Gail Potocki talk about their mutual appreciation of mesocephalic sideshow Freaks here.  This is clearly shaping into a full-on Doctor Who fan post.  

When John said that Gail should paint his portrait, she joked that she should portray him with two heads- a personification of his high energy- for her Circus Freaks series.


A funny story about Sioux’s Dalek tattoo… when she took her coat off at Dave McKean‘s signing at Soap Plant in Los Angeles, Dave leaned forward, grabbed her arm and asked incredulously, “Please tell me that washes off…?” The next day, I offered to pay for all of us get Doctor Who tattoos as we drove past a parlor (to needle Dave’s comment the night before), and Dave commented, “I shudder to think what I would have chosen as a permanent artwork when I was in MY twenties… I think I’d have a giant YES logo across my chest today.” (But Jack and I aren’t sure that that’s a bad thing…)
Sioux SInner, back when she was still sporting short hair; and Jack, back when he was...ummm...

Sioux Sinner and her Dalek tattoo, back when she was still sporting short hair; and her pet Jack-a-lope






Then, last weekend, I was interviewed by androzani.net about my unhealthy addiction to clutter. Well, that’s not exactly how THEY phrased it, but that’s how Gail Potocki is going to describe it when she reads this: http://androzani.net/archives/732. (I really wanted to wait until she showed up in Chicago and saw that drippy snail guy hanging out next to my bed, but the news must go on. BOB- don’t tell her!!! There is still a chance for surprise!)

“I bought one of the Tractators from the Peter Davison episode Frontios, and a Plasmaton costume. God knows what I’m going to do with THAT.”


Plasmaton, or Thomas answering the door to collect the post.


The only thing I’ll add is that I obviously DO know what I’ll do with a Plasmatron costume… (my mail lady doesn’t know what she’s in for).  Plus, I think it’s funny that the way that I said it was as though the Tractator costume was not ridiculous at all- in my sentence there is a very clear delineation between that and the of-course-it’s-useful-to-have Tractator, haha!  I did think about using the costumes to scare the neighborhood children, but I’d probably get beaten unconscious, what with kids today and their rap music and video games.  My generation?  We knew how to be scared by a snail-man and a rock-guy!


"My" Tractator in its previous home in the travelling museum exhibition, "Doctor Who Up Close"


Davison and Tractator

Peter Davison and a Tractator



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  1. You can pay for my next Doctor Who tattoo 🙂

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