GAIL POTOCKI rare limited editions found, circa 2007; or, “the things that come out from behind the cobwebs”.

In doing some pre-Spring-cleaning, we have been sorting, sorting, sorting… and unearthing.

I can’t believe what’s in some of these trunks! We found something really special this past weekend:

Our friend Bart Harris might have had an illustrious past, to be sure, but even photographing Michael Jordan for the Wheaties box couldn’t match working with Gail Potocki.  Bart photographed Gail’s paintings for her book The Union of Hope and Sadness, and shortly thereafter pulled these prints as the beginnings of a proposed series of edition prints.

Clockwise, from upper left: Three Fates, No Witness in the Slaying of a Memory, Silence, and No Witness (framed)

This fell by the wayside, as things do, and so these are very limited, indeed- even more than was intended, which is a unique bonus.

We have:

Silence: Edition of 5

No Witness in the Slaying of a Memory: Edition of 4

Three Fates: Edition of 3

No Witness in the Slaying of a Memory (with frame): Edition of one

All prints are 22 x 17 on heavy art paper, and pencil signed & numbered.  They will be GORGEOUS framed, I have one hanging in my hallway.

PLUS: Moving forward, all the prints we have planned are for newer works, so for some of these images these might be the only copies ever available.

PRICE: These were just gathering dust in a drawer, so the price is only $100 each, plus $20 packing/ shipping within the US- (this is lower than cost, so please don’t ask us in the future to make prints at this price point!)  Send a note to thomas At centuryguild dot net if you want to pick one up!

All prints are archival, and were stored with tissue guards, so the surfaces are clean and sharp.


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