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In the Footsteps of Thomas Edison: the Nature of Electricity, and a Technological Seance.

Posted in A Day in the Life, Antique Medical Equipment, Steampunk on 3 December, 2009 by Thomas Negovan

Antique Medical Equipment electrical therapy: The Polysine Generator.

Roaming the wilds of the Midwest, where the economy flourished in the days of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, I came across the remains of a lovely woman who lived to the ripe old age of 92 years.  “My success in the arena of longevity,” she insisted, “is due to my attention to health, regardless of public conception as I subscribe to only the most modern of medical advances.”

Well, that’s what she said in 1910.  Shortly thereafter she changed her motto to “If you find something that works, stick with it.”

One prong of her two-pointed attack at warding away the Grim Reaper was a sophisticated Hydrotherapy machine.  The other, a Polysine Generator.

Arrow Indicates Positive Pole...

Complete with Asbestos pads and metal hand-bars which connected to the terminals and delivered a gentle electric shock, this is the equivalent of a home Electroshock Therapy Machine were one to turn that beautiful voltage controller uppppppppppp someplace a little more… aggressive.

Red jewelled power light; modality selector; voltage controller...

Steampunk?  Perhaps.  Revolutionary?  Certainly.

This will be disassembled here at some point in the near future, as its brilliantly designed modality selector and polysine generator combination appears to be perfectly suited to electrically exploring specific frequencies aligning with the aetheric plane, which according to the notes I acquired- in the hand of Thomas Edison, no less- could facilitate audio communication with what he referred to as “the dearly departed”.

We shall see.