Merchandise Mart Fall Antiques Fair: “Laugh, Clown, Laugh”

First of all, I just read the title that Jack put on our new soon-to-be announced sister blog, and laughed so hard that if I were drinking milk it would have come out of my nose.

As in the confessional: “please forgive me; it’s been nearly eleven weeks since our last proper update.”

(1) The event at La Luz de Jesus was a wild success, thank you to everyone who showed up!

(2) We had a fantastic show at the Merchandise Mart which was an even bigger success… we tried something a little more “accessible to the masses” and it was a good move- the giant Pagliacci poster was a standout favorite of a number of celebrity designers, as was (of course) the legendary Verdi poster.

(3) COMING UP: Winnetka Modernism (Nov 6-8), yes; and GAIL POTOCKI at BILLY SHIRE FINE ARTS! November 14th opening, all new great works! Please tell your friends!

Here are photos from the Merchandise Mart, another update is imminent. Thanks for reading.


Laugh, Pagliacci, laugh... circa 1910. Gigantic, rare... and breathtaking.


Merchandise Mart Fall 2009: Art Nouveau, Opera, Gothic, and 1950s masters.


Thomas Negovan loves purple striped slacks from Savile Row.


1880-1920 now becomes 1880-1960...! Edmond Lachenal meets Invasion of the Star Creatures, Hermann August Kahler meets X, The Man With the X-Ray Eyes.


Guiseppi Palanti


The only time Stuart Tomc sat down the entire weekend.


Envy, an Italian silent film, 1911.


(Because purple striped slacks deserve an encore.)

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