This weekend: Sex, Murder, and Anarchy at La Luz de Jesus in Hollywood!

Still not sorted out from San Diego, we’re loading up the caravan again to head to Los Angeles for an exhibition of our most disturbing and sexy posters at the legendary La Luz de Jesus.

Billy Shire, founder of La Luz de Jesus, is Godfather of the whole LA art scene.  He was instrumental in the careers of Joe Coleman, Shag, The Clayton Brothers, Glenn Barr… his resumé reads like a “Who’s Who” of art legends.  Our favorite Gail Potocki shows at his elegant BSFA space, and he is one of the most gentle and inspired human beings I’ve had the honor and pleasure of meeting.  We’re holding our 2010 Dave McKean/ silent cinema exhibition at his BSFA space, but to properly appease the raunchy Gods of Victorian Sex and Murder, we need to be in- where else?- Hollywood…!

Syphilis, 1918

Syphilis, 1918

Voluptuaries & Vivisections:
A Celebration of Depravity

Guest Curator: Thomas Negovan

August 14 – 30
Opens Friday, August 14, 2009
8 – 11 PM

These are images that burned themselves into the minds and hearts of unwitting late 19th/early 20th century citizens, inciting unparalleled controversy all over Europe and beyond… and promise those same reactions in those who cross paths with them today. Decadence, dandyism, sex, and murder: more than mere posters, these are windows into the darkest corners of human compulsion.

In an event curated by Thomas Negovan and Century Guild, a Chicago gallery known for museum quality Art Nouveau and Symbolist Art, La Luz de Jesus invites you to be a part of an unprecedented event that explores the taboos that have titillated and tormented since the turn of the century. Masterpieces of lithographed poster art from 1880-1940 illustrating subjects ranging from seminal S&M literature to STD warnings to serial killers will be shown, all of which shall be sure to incite reactions of lust, terror, anger, nausea, and inspiration. NOT TO BE MISSED!

The Haunted Castle, 1924

The Haunted Castle, 1921

I would heartily agree with the “not to be missed” aspect… here are some of the other images that will be on display…  No excuses, get over to this show and say hello!!!

Carriage No. 13, 1921

Carriage No. 13, 1926

Mistresses of the Pope, seminal S&M literature from 1891

Mistresses of the Pope, seminal S&M literature from 1884

Grand Guignol, c 1920

Grand Guignol, c 1920

White Slavery, 1926

White Slavery, 1927

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