How a “Cursed Pirate Girl” left me in ruins

Picturesque ruins.

Behold these picturesque ruins: Art Nouveau, Schnackenberg, and pirate chaos.

The International Antiques Fair here in Chicago has been bookended by a labor of Greek mythical proportions.  I can’t tell if it’s one of Herculean willpower or a cruel Sisyphisian effort.  If I’m a mythic figure, then these books must surely be an eco-friendly Hydra.  Stamp one, two appear in its place.  Stamp a table full, there’s an entire box containing several bundles more at the ready!

Cursed Pirate Girls drying out in the sun.

Cursed Pirate Girls drying out in the sun.

Do not mistake the pictures, though the studio looks to be in ruins thanks the multiplying amounts of “Cursed Pirate Girl #1” issues, the true damage is understated.  The toll is not only taken out across the surfaces of the studio, but the necks and wrists of the poor whelps who volunteered their energies (myself and Tom), their sanity, and those stamps.  What brave, durable heroes they are.

In the end though, this is God’s work.

Jack is the victim of Illegal photography.

Myself, as the victim of illegal photography.

Barring any unforseen world-shaking events (like the sudden onset of carpal tunnel syndrome) these hand-stamped copies of Cursed Pirate Girl #1 will be on comic store shelves- and in your hands- on May 20.



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