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Coming January 12th, 2013… After the Apocalypse!

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The Mayans were wrong and the world did not end, so we’re celebrating!  Century Guild is proud to present a new show on January 12, 2013, which will feature three very different artists exploring visions of life, death, and the possibilities of what may come after.  The themes and imagery will be rooted in the human psyche and range from the divine to the obscene, from despair to salvation, from paradise to perdition.  We’ll be showcasing very rare artworks by Art Nouveau master Alphonse Mucha, German Expressionist Bruno Goldschmitt, and contemporary artist Richard Friend.  In other words, this will be one hell of a show!

After the Apocalypse... January 12th, 2013 at Century Guild!

After the Apocalypse… January 12th, 2013 at Century Guild!  Featuring the indelible artwork of Mucha, Friend, and Goldschmitt!


Alphonse Mucha‘s name should be more than familiar.  He was the single most important figure of the Art Nouveau movement and certainly the most recognized for his outpouring of creativity and his prolific capacity.  His paintings, illustrations, advertisements, postcards, and decorative designs were hugely influential at the turn of the century and are still highly sought after by collectors today.  Aesthetically, the imagery he created with its fine line work, decorative floral elements, and graceful figures of femininity, became the groundwork for Art Nouveau.  Best known for his many commercial works, mainly lithograph posters, postcards, and illustrations, Mucha’s work expanded far beyond that as well.

Frustrated with the fame he achieved almost solely through his commercial endeavors, Mucha declared that it was his aim to produce artwork that was more personal and spiritual.  As a result, Mucha created two series of masterful narrative images, all done in his distinct style, but with greater attention to detail and more thematic intensity.  The latter of these two series was his ambitious and enormous Slovanská epopej (Slavic Epic) inspired by the history and legends of the Slavic people.  This series consisted of twenty large canvases that took him over eighteen years to produce from 1918 to 1928.

However, of equal import both in terms of his artistic development and the shift in his aesthetic to more complex thematic content, and lesser known due to its limited printing of only 510 copies, are his symbolically rich drawings for Le Pater (The Lord’s Prayer) published on December 20, 1899.  Originally printed by F. Champenois and published by Henry Piazza, Le Pater was an elaborately illustrated and illuminated work in which Mucha took each verse of The Lord’s Prayer and created a corresponding illustration to it.  Filled with enigmatic figures and occult motifs, it was described by Mucha in the January 5, 1900 issue of The Sun as “the thing which I have put my soul into”.

"Hallowed Be Thy Name" by Alphonse Mucha (1899, lithograph).

“Hallowed Be Thy Name” by Alphonse Mucha (1899, lithograph).

"Give Us This Our Daily Bread" by Alphonse Mucha (1899, lithograph).

“Give Us This Our Daily Bread” by Alphonse Mucha (1899, lithograph).

"Lead Us Not Into Temptation But Deliver Us From Evil" by Alphonse Mucha (1899, lithograph).

“Lead Us Not Into Temptation But Deliver Us From Evil” by Alphonse Mucha (1899, lithograph).


Bruno Goldschmitt was a German Expressionist, who although somewhat obscure today, is probably best known for his printmaking using woodcuts, although he also made tapestries, paintings, and worked in various other mediums.  A friend and associate of Nobel winning German-Swiss poet, novelist, and painter Herman Hesse, Goldschmitt was very much of the contemporary school of art stylistically and he incorporated a great number of influences into his aesthetic.  His work is imbued with much of the iconography of Symbolism and the emotional potency of Expressionism, as well as the bold line work and sharp, exaggerated angles of the latter.  But in terms of the themes he expressed, most can be traced back to Germany’s ancient history and medieval European art in general.  Allegorical woodcuts and drawings of classical figures of European myth and legend abound in his work, as do idyllic and somewhat pantheistic scenes of rural countryside activities and seasonal changes, but most fascinating are his dynamic images inspired by the Old Testament.

"The Prophet" by Bruno Goldschmitt (circa 1920, woodcut print).

“The Prophet” by Bruno Goldschmitt (circa 1920, woodcut print).


One of the things that I love about Century Guild is how various artists from different eras and movements are all brought together to form a lush collective representing different styles and genres of art.  Not only do we have classic works from the key movements of the 19th and 20th Centuries, but we also get to introduce people to some of the most original, innovative, and moving pieces of contemporary art.  With that in mind, we’re proud to be displaying the work of Richard Friend

"Black Drawing VII: Falling" by Richard Friend (2010, ink on paper).

“Black Drawing VII: Falling” by Richard Friend (2010, ink on paper).

Brimming with imposing shadows, tormented souls, and atmospheric locales, the compositions almost seem caught between recollection and nightmare, and simultaneously function as commentary on societal woes and project the dilemmas of the subconscious, making Richard Friend‘s Black Drawings unforgettable.  The high contrast of the black and white, the intricacies of the line work, and the pervasive images of decaying buildings, crumbling statues, and of human lives lost in torment help to evoke a haunting mood quite unlike anything else.  Spending most of his life as a musician, Richard’s work is understandably endowed with a dark, compelling lyricism that enriches the themes he so adeptly explores.

"A Feast of Saints" by Richard Friend (2010, ink on paper).

“A Feast of Saints” by Richard Friend (2010, ink on paper).

Explaining the inspiration for the above image, “A Feast of Saints” to me,  he said, “The idea is that we as humans are vulnerable, victims to larger things: our own fears; religion; power.  So, the figure is god-like [and represents these things] and then you have man below cowering.  There’s also a maternal element to the piece.”

Striving to create art that would be both deeply personal and original, Friend’s drawings are gripping works that not only express his own ideas and feelings, but are also sure to elicit strong emotional reactions from viewers.   Among Richard’s diverse inspirations and influences are Rembrandt, Goya, Dalí, Saudek, and Giger, so it’s no wonder that his vivid imaginings are so captivating to look at and so difficult to categorize.  He has more than achieved his goal of creating contemporary art that is both personal  and original, he has created something that is transcendent.  Richard described the reactions to his art, saying, “It can almost act like a Rorschach for people.  It’s very interesting to see which pieces appeal to what people.  It surprises me.”

Information on the After the Apocalypse opening and exhibition:

AFTER THE APOCALYPSE opens January 12, 2013 with a reception from 6-9pm at Century Guild.
Exhibition continues January 17, 18 & 19 from noon-8pm.

For further information or press photos contact the gallery at 1-800-610-CENTURY or

Century Guild
6150 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

So, is the end nigh?  Far from it, we’re just getting started.

– Sean

Jeremy Bastian and His Cursed Pirate Girl Return!

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As you know, Century Guild has relocated its gallery from Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles, California, and we are very pleased to announce that our new location will open with a very special book signing with none other than our good friend, Jeremy A. Bastian.  We will be holding a Grand Opening for the new gallery on December 1st, 2012 from 6-9pm.  Jeremy will be there in person to sign books, including advanced copies of his graphic novel, Cursed Pirate Girl, which is being published by Archaia Entertainment.  We will also be displaying exclusive artwork from Cursed Pirate Girl for the first time.

Cursed Pirate Girl: The Collected Edition, Volume 1 (Archaia Publishing, published Dec. 2012)

The ongoing story of Cursed Pirate Girl tells the whimsical tale of a young girl as she sets sail for adventure in search of her missing father, who is one of the legendary Pirate Captains of the mythical Omerta Seas.  On her voyages, both above and below the surface of the ocean, she encounters a series of bizarre, charming, and grotesque characters that leap forth from the page with such vitality and imagination that they rival the fantastical creations of Lewis Carroll, Winsor McCay, and Terry Gilliam.

Jeremy A. Bastian, attending San Diego Comic-Con 2012, stops by the Century Guild booth to meet fans and sign autographs of his work.

At a time when just about everyone seems to be familiar with comic book characters and their worlds, primarily due to the high-end film adaptations of superhero comic books, it has become increasingly rare for comics fans to stumble across anything original.  As Hellboy creator Mike Mignola has said, “It’s all too rare that I see work that is truly original – and I almost never see work THIS original – Jeremy Bastian is a genius.”
Continue reading

Tonight’s End of Summer blowout sale!

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Getting ready to open the doors: ten minutes and counting!

SPRING IS SPRUNG: Featuring Gail Potocki studio sale!

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Here are some room snapshots of the gallery before tomorrow’s event!  If anything catches your eye, please email us at GALLERY at CENTURYGUILD dot NET and we’ll do what we can to help you feel like you’re in Chicago at the sale!

Spring Sale: Dave McKean, Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Alphonse Mucha

Spring Sale: Dave McKean, Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Alphonse Mucha CLICK TO ENLARGE

McKean, Schiele, Klimt, Mucha and more

McKean, Schiele, Klimt, Mucha and more CLICK TO ENLARGE

Hans Christiansen, Silent Movie posters, Arts+Crafts, and 1950s exhibition lithographs

Hans Christiansen, Silent Movie posters, Arts+Crafts, and 1950s exhibition lithographs CLICK TO ENLARGE

Gail Potocki, studio sale artworks

Gail Potocki, studio sale artworks CLICK TO ENLARGE

Angela with Veil, special price $1500

Angela with Veil, SOLD

Gail Potocki studio sale: all sold!  CLICK TO ENLARGE

Gail Potocki studio sale: all sold! Thank you! CLICK TO ENLARGE


THIS WEEKEND: The Century Guild Holiday Antique Bazaar Sale!

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Give yourself (or a loved one) the gift of ART
this Holiday Season!

2041 West Carroll, C-220
Chicago, IL 60612

SATURDAY, December 10th &
SUNDAY, December 11th
10a.m. – 5p.m

"La Loïe Fuller at Folies Bergère" Jules Cheret, 1897

"La Loïe Fuller at Folies Bergère" Jules Cheret, 1897

Century Guild opens its doors and welcomes you to a special holiday sale unlike any other! The two-day only shopping event in the style of the Parisian flea markets, Century Guild will have a gorgeous selection of antique Art Nouveau, Belle Epoque, and Art Deco posters and lithographs from 1880-1920, 1940s and 1950s movie posters, plus vintage jewellery and accessories at unbelievable prices — original posters from the 1890s as low as $75! Come find a special and rare gift for you or a loved one!

Can’t make it but you’d still like to partake in this exclusive sale? Visit CENTURYGUILD.NET this Saturday, where items from the sale will be on display and available for purchase!

SNEAK PREVIEW: “Grand Guignol II: HÄXAN – Satan + The Women who love Him”

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"Your first look at 'HÄXAN - Satan + The Women who love Him'"

Just over 40 hours until decadent Hell is unleashed upon Chicago…

Austin Young’s 1999 portrait of avant-garde diva Diamanda Galás lures you in to bear witness to the sensual horrors Century Guild has curated; Georges de Feure’s 1893 Japonist conjuration of wickedness “Friends of the Devil in the Flesh” and Gustav Klimt’s ultra-seductive “The Witch” (1919)  are but a few of the number of important works documenting magical women.

If you look closely, you can also see Italian Art Nouveau master Adolfo Hohenstein next to modern Italian artists Malleus, painter Gail Potocki, and sculptor Stanislav Szukalski adding to the ambiance…

If you’re in Chicago, you DO NOT want to miss what we have in store for you.  For more information, click HERE.


Just in time for HÄXAN… Michael Hussar and “The Devil & His Consort”

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A brief glimpse at some of our latest acquisitions for THIS SATURDAY’S exhibition, “Grand Guignol II: HÄXAN – Satan + The Women who love Him”.

The first, from painter Michael Hussar:

"American Teet" by Michael Hussar

"American Teet" by Michael Hussar

This piece, as well his painting “Apple of Eden”, join a roster of fiendishly gorgeous artworks adorning our walls.  If you aren’t able to see these in person, worry not: in addition to the exhibition book slated for release after the show, the show will be available to view online!

We also welcome the black-hearted bon vivant, the most dapper Lord of Darkness himself… with the loveliest of corseted companions! “The Devil & His Consort” are a pair of antique, carved wooden sculptures from 1883.

"The Devil & His Consort", 1883

"The Devil & His Consort", 1883

It is impossible to top this quote commenting on the statues from an arts periodical. After commenting favorably on the furniture and decorative works in the Esposizione di Belle Arti in Rome, the correspondent was taken aback by one artist’s works- and two pieces- in particular:

(From The Architect, March 17, 1883)

“Amongst the furniture of F. Toso in the next gallery there are a number of figures, life size, carved in coloured woods in a realistic manner for hall decoration, than which it would be more difficult to conceive anything more disagreeable, or to imagine where and to whom they could give the slightest pleasure. One of these is a fiend with hoofs and horns in elaborate evening dress, holding out a plate for the reception of cards; another is a female to match, offering a ring. The vulgarity and hideousness might poison the taste and fine artistic feelings of a child for a lifetime, and shake the nerves of a sensitive person in any house in which they might be found.

You’ll have to wait until the 22nd of October to see them in all their decadent glory. To present inquiries about placing them in your art collection, email us at

Hope to see you Saturday.


HAUTE CAMPE Poster Inventory Liquidation Sale!

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It’s been a hurricane of a week, and what better way to end it than with a MASSIVE sale…

"X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes" Original vintage poster

One of the many vintage gems in our Haute Campe sale: "X: The Man with X-Ray Eyes" 40 x 60 inches


Our (ill-behaved) sister company, HAUTE CAMPE, is liquidating a large selection of posters from its inventory at unbelievable prices.  Read on and take advantage of this limited time offer: Continue reading

GRAND GUIGNOL II: HÄXAN – Satan + The Women who love Him

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HAXAN - 22 October 2011

Century Guild invites you to investigate the dark and sensual wilderness of two of history’s most vilified figures: THE WITCH and her dark master, SATAN.  “Grand Guignol II: HÄXAN – Satan + The Women who love Him” explores not only turn-of-the-century artists’ fascination with these embodiments of evil, but also brings together a roster of acclaimed contemporary artists who’ve rendered their dark visions for a one night only special exhibition.  This event marks the one-year anniversary of Century Guild’s showroom, which opened its doors in Chicago’s industrial Kinzie District last October for the beyond capacity show, “Grand Guignol: An Exhibition Celebrating the Legendary Parisian Theater of Terror.”

Artworks include original historical posters from the French theater of terror Le Théâtre du Grand Guignol, antique works on paper by Gustav Klimt and Alphonse Mucha, a selection of 19th century Devil imagery, and modern contributions from contemporary painters Dave McKean (cover illustrator of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman), Michael Hussar, Gail Potocki, and Chris Mars; photographers Dean Karr (video director for Marilyn Manson), Austin Young, and Steve Diet Goedde; Italian poster art collective Malleus, and more.

The event will take place October 22nd, 2011 at Century Guild (2041 W. Carroll, C-220.)  The event is open to the public from 7-10 pm, and formal or dramatic costume attire is required.  No one under 21 will be admitted.

Century Guild was founded in 1999, and specializes in artworks 1880-1920, with emphasis on Art Nouveau & Symbolism.  They have placed artworks in museums and top collections around the world.  Works previously in the Century Guild inventory are on permanent display in The Art Institute of Chicago, The Detroit Institute of Arts, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The Century Guild showroom is available for scheduled viewings.

To contribute to the production of the exhibition book, visit our Kickstarter page HERE.

For more information: or Jack @ 800.610.2393

The Air is Crisp with New Beginnings…

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Hello old friends, has it really been that long? April seems so far away.

We haven’t forgotten about you, and we trust you won’t have forgotten us. Thomas unfortunately has been unable to tend to his duties as Minister of Art Nouveau & Symbolist Propaganda (I’d like to say he’s been working — which he has been — but I also think old episodes of “The Rifleman” might be to blame.)

So, I’m taking the reigns.

Summer is running out, and we’ve got some brilliant things in line to ring in the Fall season. Most notably:

Grand Guignol II: HAXAN - Satan + The Women who Love Him

Grand Guignol II:

22 OCTOBER 2011

Stay tuned for more information on the artists featured in this exhibition, as well as details about the catalog. If you aren’t already, visit our site and make sure to sign up for our mailing list!



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